Belize Customs Borkers Association


Oscar Ramos


Joseph Hamilton

Vice President

Therese Halliday


Enrique Edwards


Margaret Usher

Executive Member

Peter Vasquez

Executive Member

Ernesto Perrera

Executive Member


 From the planting of a seed comes a tree and subsequently a fruit (Author unknown) In the early part of 1992, The Customs Department with the urging of government informed practicing brokers that they needed to get organized.

In light of this an initial meeting was held at the Customs House Conference room where the late Karl Tillet Jr. Senior Customs Officer and Mr. Norris Hall reiterated this need. However it was noted that an Executive, an Article of Association and Regulations would have to be put in place for such an organization. A group of 17 Brokers led by Mr. Oscar Ramos established the Customs Brokers Association and subsequently registered the organization as a non-profit entity in 1993.

Several years later, an elected Executive reviewed the existing legislations of Caricom countries, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados and produced the Belize Customs Brokers and Customs Clerk Act. This executive and subsequent executives worked tirelessly to formalize this act and eventually submitted it to Cabinet in 2001. The Act was passed in the House on July 1, 2001.

The Brokers Association now awaits acceptance into the Caricom Union of Customs Brokers Association and the Central American Union of Customs Brokers.



Customs Brokers Association of Belize

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